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  1. 1 - What are the advantages of purchasing on

    The major advantage is convenience: No matter where you are, time of day, you can order the things you need online and have them delivered to you in 7 different Administrative Regions. Click 'Delivery Information' page for more info.

    1. 1) Do I need to register before I can make a purchase? (2)Does the shopping cart auto-calculate shipping costs? (3) Is my wish list saved? 
    2. 1) No. (2) Yes. (3) Yes.
  2. 2 - What are the advantages of selling on

    You don’t have to hire a web designer or web design studio to build your own e-commerce website. Website maintenance and getting the name of your website out there? Our marketing department takes care of that for you.

  3.  3 - What can I purchase with a credit or debit card?
  4. Everything on this website except Autos, Real Estate and a select few product commodities as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy. 

  5. Rest Estate and Motors can't be paid for via credit or debit card, these can only be paid for via Bank Transfer or Cheque. Continue to question 4:

  6. 4 - What if some items in my cart got moved to Wish-List, what should I do next?
  7. Please complete the existing order with the items that are still in your cart. After completing the order, click on your wish list at the top of your page and add those items back to your cart. Place a new order and select the correct payment method for items in that category. If the merchant does not accept payments through that platform, contact us at 
  8. 5 - Can I make purchases outside of Guyana and ship to my family within Guyana?
  9. Yes, please make payments via Credit Card only (Paypal) and Bank Transfer(Wire Transfer) where relevant.

  10. 6 - What do I receive when I order on

    Once complete, you receive exactly what you order. You are protected by Buyer Protection and Consumer Affairs Act 2011 Amendment.

  11. 7 - Can I shop on my mobile?

    You can shop from any device with an internet connection.

  12. 8 - What am I allowed and not allowed to do on
    Please check our Acceptable Use Policy page for detailed guidelines.
  14. What is the difference between verified and unverified Partners?
    1. Verified Partner:
  15. Has provided one form of ID and proof of address. Freedom to sell.
  16.                   Unverified Partner:

 No form of ID or Proof or Address provided. Doesn't receive Payouts until 60(days) after deliveries or buyer verifies order contents is good. Is not allowed more than (3) sales. Isn't permitted to upload products over USD$100.00

  1. 9 - Is there a fee to sell on
  2. No, there is no listing fee. No commission. There is an Insurance & Hosting Fee that is paid only when your merchandise is sold. Buyer pays for insurance which is optional.
  3. 10 - Do you ship outside of Guyana? 
  4. Not currently.

  5. 11 - I would like to make payment by company cheque. Is that possible?

    Yes, this is accepted.

  6. 12 - I would like to make a purchase, but I don't have GTT Mobile Money?

    That's okay, GTT Mobile Money accommodates some purchases from unregistered numbers. MMG App can also be downloaded on Digicel Phones. We also have Bank Transfer, Cheque and Credit Card available where allowed.

  7. 13 - How can I modify my store to suit my taste?

  8. Please register as a partner, and we'll email you a How To Set Up My Store? manual.

  9. 14 - I was wondering if you could give me the contact info for a web designer/graphics artist/ advertiser/ modeling agency so I may make my online store stand out?

    Yes, we can recommend service providers to you, or you can check the category Others > Services and find suitable peronel and companies for hire.

  10. 15 - Do I need to upload high resolution pictures of products on my store for my clients to see?

    No, however, your pictures must be legible. Quality pictures attract quality clientele. 

  11. 16 - Are bonuses included with uploading a large inventory?

    Large sellers pay reduced Hosting fee. There is a feature that allows you to upload multiple items and update the price of multiple items at once.

  12. 17 - Will help me to edit or manage my store?

    Yes we can. Please indicate if you'd need assistance in our application form.

  13. 18 - Will help me to create my store?

    Yes we can.

  14. 19 - Can I paste my Affiliate Links on Facebook and other forms of social media?
  15. Yes, you can.