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Why Become A Partner?


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Why Become A Partner?

The Plight of the Guyanese Business

Guyana. Home to many thriving coorprorate and entrepreneurail entities that, whilst many are performing well, they have the potential to stopper the giant hole of opportunity through which countless dollars escape every single day.

The main disadvantage of the common Guyanese business model is that they only operate with ‘in-person’ payment and delivery systems. I.e. cash or check in hand and then goods are delivered at the point of sale. (in this illustration we will be using an electronics store as an example.)

Your particular store is the premium location for electronic goods and accessories. The store is open 10AM to 6PM on weekdays and 11AM to 4PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Then your store is on a 50 hour work week, correct?

You have one employee whom you pay $1/ hr and your utilities are all $1/hr

Customers come in and out of your store while it is open and pay for your product and they collect it and go home.

 Your store does reasonably well and makes you a profit of $500 a week ( $10/hr).
After you pay your employee (50X$1=$50) and utilities (50X$1=$50) your expenses were $100 for that week, which leaves you with $400

Do you see the problem?
Do you even think there’s a problem here?
This seems like a perfectly normal way to conduct business and it does seem like this business is doing very well doesn’t it?

Well the problem is that your business is actually losing money every day.


‘But how?’ you cry, ‘my business brings in $500 a week! I don’t call that losing money.’

Let me show you how.
When do you own your stock? As soon as you pay for it from your supplier.
When do you make money from said stock? When it is sold and your customer pays you.
When can you sell your stock? When your store is open.
How many hours in a week is your store open? 50.
But how many hours in a week do you own your stock? 24x7= 168
Your stock has the ability to make you money from the second you own it to the second you sell it.
So why are you limiting your ability to make money by only allowing your customer 50 hours a week to buy from you?
You are currently throwing away 2/3 of the time that you have to sell your stock. And in fact the longer you hold onto said stock, its value depreciates. So the solution here is to sell it as fast as you can, correct?

What if your store and thusly your stock was available 24/7 to your customers?

It’s obvious you can't keep your store doors open 24 hours a day, or even keep your employee working for all that time. However you don’t need to do this in order for customers to have access to buy your stock.

How do we keep your products accessible to your customers whilst your doors are closed?

Well, there’s this little thing called the internet…..

And whilst many of you may know of it, know what it does, you may even use it, many of you most likely don’t use it as the rocket fuel it can be for your business.

Now you know how great the internet is for advertising. We see it all the time. Huge Facebook pages for stores businesses that inform consumers about products and services available. Essentially the same as a flyer or tv or radio ad.

Some of you may already have Facebook pages or even a website for your business and can probably attest to the power of the internet to bring awareness to your business and drive traffic to your physical store.


Driving traffic to your store still means that those customers have to show up before your doors close during your tiny window of operation, that now seemingly inadequate 50 hours

Those who DO have internet advertising on their side here are still not capitalizing on the REACTIVE and INTERACTIVE nature of the internet.

To TRULY open the doors of your store for 24 hours a day, one needs to be able to sell your products for 24 hours a day. Your store needs to be always accessible and customers must be able to instantly REACT to your online advertising and also INTERACT with your store by purchasing instantly.

It is quite simple for you to get a space on the internet where you can showcase your items and prices, take payments, issue invoices and the like. Then all that remains is for the customer to retrieve their purchase from your store during working hours.

The problem is that good websites can be fairly expensive, require somewhat skilled setup and more or less constant maintenance.
These facts have probably dissuaded you from pursuing the venture.

This brings us to another problem.

Most Guyanese businesses understand the advantage of advertising online. Countless businesses now either incorporate or even begin as just a Facebook page. However such mediums lack parts of the formula to unlock the true power of e-commerce.
We here at are here to provide you with the missing parts of the puzzle.

1) Online payment systems:

An online payment system could mean all the difference between you getting 10 customers excited on your Facebook page with only 2 of them actually making it to your store, or all 10 of them buying something online right away.

Advertising is most effective when it gives the customer the convenience to actually purchase our product the second they fall in love with it. The longer your customer waits to purchase your product after they learn about it, the less likely they are to even remember it, thusly the less likely to purchase.


2) Efficient delivery methods

One of the barriers to a customers’ wallets that brick and mortar businesses face:
“They have to come find me! Now I need an official location where they can come and buy!”
Well that may be true with the traditional business model, we are going to ask a question that may change your view on this:
“What if I could just go to my customers directly?”
Well you obviously don’t have the time to go to each of your customers when they purchase from you.
What if there was a service that would? Deliver right to the door of each of your online customers with a polite and professional air that increased the chance of return customers.

Where can you get these two tools that your business is so desperately gasping for?


They are both provided by the good people here at with delivery powered by National Express and Six World Shipping.
We only want to see your business grow.

Stock rotation is how small businesses evolves into a mega co-operation.

Explained further.

Merchant A sells ten(10) of product at $2000.00 markup per item. Gross income is $20,000.00 daily.
Merchant B sells fifty(50) of product at 500.00 markup per item. Gross income is $25,000.00 per day.

What’s the point here?

When you list online, you stop missing opportunities for fast stock turnover. Having your inventory on sale online, and available to anyone in our delivery service area, infinitely increases your stock rotation potential.

You may ask yourself, “Why Multi Merchant website when you can have your own website?”

Even the mega giants are signing up for Amazon and e-Bay Not to mention the endless manufacturers on Alibaba


The great thing about a mall is, people find you when they weren’t looking for you. is your online mall and number 1 internet location.


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