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Seller's Agreement


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Seller's Agreement



The specific terms of this Agreement are as follows:

  1. shopgBay will take a Hosting Fee for each item sold on the website.
  2. The merchant agrees to upload items costing no less than USD$5.00. In the event an item is valued way less than USD$5.00, the minimum quantity must be set to a figure that increases checkout total to no less than USD$5.00
  3. The merchant shall not upload any illegal items to the website.
  4. In the event a consumer needs to return an item due to it being: dead on arrival, defective, damaged, wrong item, wrong size, wrong colour, or in other words the reason for the return is merchant error: the merchant pays the return fee.
  5. Consumers are covered by the Consumer Affairs Bill 2011.
  6. Items must be uploaded at their VAT EXCLUSIVE price. If your item is taxable, select 'taxable goods' during product upload.
  7. If the buyer has just cause to return an item and request a refund, the merchant must issue a full refund within 2 business days. Failure to do so the merchant agrees that shopgBay reserves the right to review and potentially suspend his or her account if it is found to not be in good standing. The merchant agress to a GYD$100,000.00 penalty due in one(1) business day of notice and any legal fees shopgBay may incur in obtaining said penalty fees. The merchant agress to hold shopgBay totally harmless for any legal fees he or she may face due to suspension or penalty charges. A case will also be opened with the payment gateway (Paypal, MMG, or the Bank) to secure the buyers refund and enforce any penalties in line with the payment gateways policy which may include but not limited to account suspension and funds frozen.
  8. For payments fulfilled by shopgbay(eg receiving payments on the merchant’s behalf) payouts will be issued in 2-14 business days via Bank Transfer, check or cash during special circumstances of the buyer confirming delivery. Or 30 days in lieu of confirmation.. 
  9. The merchant understands there may be third party fees paid based on the payment method (eg. Shop N' Go Fees.)
  10. The merchant understands the exchange rate of GYD fluctuates daily.
  11. For payments received by shopgBay on the merchant's behalf, he merchant shall be paid in this currency: Guyana Dollar.
  12. Items listed must have their corresponding weight added in pounds. The weight of the item must be exact or a close guesstimate.
  13. Items listed must have their corresponding dimensions added in inches. The dimensions of the item must be exact or a close guesstimate.
  14. The merchant shall provide shopgbay with one(1) form of ID, address, one(1) proof of address, contact number, contact email.
  15. Real Estate for rent should carry a list price of one(1) month's rent, and minimum order quantity set to three(3).
  16. If the merchant fulfills their own deliveries and returns, the merchants must only provide signature service deliveries and send a copy on any day a delivery is fulfilled to If a delivery is failed, the driver must leave an approved DELIVERY ATTEMPTED notice with all fields filled. The driver must allow reasonable time for the receipient to come uplift the package once he has arrived at the location. The driver must allow the receipient to inspect the package in their presence before signing and inform the receipient that should they notice any discrepancy to initial in the appropriate section. The merchant must deliver to the provided address, during the provided time frame, on or before the expected delivery date. The driver must list a shipping time. The driver must receive a signature from the buyer on a return manifest and issue a return ticket.


This document constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties. This Contract is legally binding upon the Parties, their successors, and heirs, and will be enforced according to the laws of the Co-Operative Republic of Guyana.

This agreement is subject to change without notification given. Once changed, the changes become effective immediately.

Updated 09-12-2015

Update 20-05-2016